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A Place In History

Wallerfield, located on the eastern side of Trinidad, served as a US Air Force Base during the Second World War. Today, this site has been repurposed by Evolving TecKnologies and Enterprise Development Limited (e TecK) to accommodate Trinidad and Tobago’s first Science and Technology Park-(TIP). Driven by this country’s diversification strategy, the development of the TIP now boasts of a world-class infrastructure that provides economic space for non-oil and gas industries to thrive.

A Synergy of Nature and Technology

Located within a total area of 1100 acres, and amongst the many eco-attractions indigenous to the park, is a reserve of Moriche Palms – a protected palm found only in Venezuela and Trinidad.

The Park maintains a strategic environmental focus that balances nature and technology by integrating preservation and sustainable development with state of the art facilities. It features modern physical infrastructure with underground utilities, first-class road networks and a world class ICT infrastructure. The design of the Park’s Flagship Office Complex provides for the efficient use of resources such as materials, water and energy which minimizes the impact on human health and the environment.

A Secure, eco-friendly environment that offers unparalleled energy cost savings and world class connectivity

Low energy costs, ease of doing business, access to major shipping routes complemented by market access to 947 million people through trade agreements are some of the advantages that makes Trinidad and Tobago an investment ready destination. At the Tamana InTech Park added benefits include an onsite research and development institution, energy-efficiency and ICT infrastructure designed to support IT based businesses. The result is a location well poised to accommodate technology-based, export-oriented industries in the business clusters of ICT, High Value Manufacturing/Assembly and Financial Services.

“Open for Business”

Park Operators, e TecK, became the first official occupant of the Tamana InTech Park in September 2014 and currently operates out of the Park’s Flagship Office complex. In October 2015, one of the world’s top international brands in Business Process Outsourcing services, iQor, established a call center on the Park and has since grown from a 60 seat operation to 700.

The phased development of the Park has made available for lease, as of November 2016, 20 fully approved lots, ranging in acreage from 1 to 20 acres. The remaining 29,848.29 square feet at the Park’s Flagship Office Complex is also available for immediate tenancy by suitable candidates.

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