tip@dmin on May 25th, 2010

A Data Storage and Management Working Group Meeting was held on Tuesday 25th, 2010 at e TecK offices in San Juan, Trinidad.

Attendees included representatives of Teleios Systems Ltd., the University of Trinidad & Tobago (UTT), and Telecommunications Services of Trinidad & Tobago (TSTT).

The purpose was to discuss the Working Group Charter and objectives of the working group, in an attempt to re-engage and mobilize the working groups within the ICT Clusters in Trinidad & Tobago.

Some of the issues discussed by the cluster members were:

  •  It is better to partner with local companies
  •  There must be interaction amongst the current players in the industry
  • How will e TecK facilitate different facets of the cluster process?
  •  How do we connect our objectives to the curriculum and programmes at the universities?

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tip@dmin on May 6th, 2010


The “We are Trinidad and Tobago. We Are Next” booth was opened to the world on Saturday 1st May 2010 at Shanghai World Expo 2010.

e TecK staff are all geared up to market Trinidad & Tobago as the next economic hot-spot for Foreign Direct Investment in the English-speaking Caribbean.

There will be particular focus on Tamana InTech Park, the country’s first Science and Technology Park.

The theme of the exposition is “Better City — Better Life”, signifying Shanghai’s new status in the 21st century as the next great world city.

Over 190 countries and over 50 international organisations have registered to participate in the event, which is the largest Expo ever.

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tip@dmin on May 3rd, 2010

Greig Laughlin, TTMA President, on the state of innovation in T&T

TTMA President Greig Laughlin is a busy man.

“Oh gosh, I am constantly running all over the place… but I can’t complain,” he laughs good-naturedly, as I finally cornered him following e Teck’s High Value Manufacturing Cluster Launch held at the Trinidad Hilton at the end of April.

Laughlin, also the Managing Director of automotive products supplier Laughlin & De Gannes, joined the Trinidad and Tobago Manufacturing Association (TTMA) six years ago as a small manufacturer.

He was recently re-elected to serve a second term as TTMA President. Despite tremendous challenges, he led the TTMA through the effects of the global economic crisis.

He managed to share with me his passionate plea for the future of innovation in Trinidad & Tobago.

Robotic innovation

“We at the TTMA have been strong promoters of innovation,” he said. “Some manufacturers have taken advantage of the slowdown period by really looking into their processes and finding new ways of delivering.  Most are trying to find new niche markets, and in order to do this, they have to be more innovative in what they’re doing.”

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tip@dmin on May 1st, 2010


The fervent plea for ‘innovation’ was the cohesive thread among the keynote speakers at e TecK’s  High Value Manufacturing Cluster Launch, which was held at the Trinidad Hilton on April 29th.

The Cluster Initiative provides support for a group of interconnected companies, educational and research institutes and associations, developing linkages between the members and gaining importance from the synergies between stakeholders in order to minimize business expenses for research and development, and streamline production and distribution channels.

High Value Manufacturing is a very different philosophy,” said Dr. Denise Thompson, Professor at the Centre for Production Systems at the University of Trinidad & Tobago (UTT).

“We have to re-train ourselves… how we view ourselves, how we conduct business, what we do. Hopefully the cluster is going to be assisting there in terms of moving our industries into the high-value areas.”

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